Value doesn't get properly sent or gets held up

Hello everyone. This is my first time trying to use this app inventor because im trying to create an application to send data to an esp32 with bluetooth using arduino. I've followed many guides on making this application but for some reason it does not get sent. The professor provided a working example of this program as a means to test (but we may not use it for our final product) and when i use it to send a value i see the previous values i tried to send concatenated with the new input! What is causing this and how do i fix it?
Provided the image of the code i used, and the output after trying my app and then "unclogging" using the professor's app (pressed zero twice, 30 once and 90 once on my app. Then 30 on the other app).

EDIT: I accidentaly uploaded an older image of my code because the text sent had asterisks. Please note i did remove them and the code output is based on the new code.


I failed to mention the name of the working program, it is called "serial bluetooth terminal" found on the playstore

We would need to see your Sketch for the microcontroller Marvin - looks like that is where the issue could be.

For lack of a sketch to look at, you might try adding \n after each of those angle values.
\n is the line feed value, and might help the sketch distinguish where one message ends and the next begins.