V9 install problem

I've installed the apk on my phone (v5) and my wife's and a budget tablet (v7), but when my son installed it on his (android 9 Pie) the csv files and the folder don't show up. I first used the canvas trick to make a folder and when that didn't work I then added the file extension. Here's the code.

Related but slightly different, even when it does work, it doesn't work on the first run. The first time it creates an empty directory. I close and re-run it and it works fine.

Note: I did send him a version that asks for permission WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE but haven't heard the result.

yes, before being able to copy a file to the internal sdcard, write permission is required
the file extension does not ask for write permission automatically...


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Any thought on why it does create files first time through?