(UTF-8 ?) Uft-8 code manipulation

Uft-8 code manipulation

Is there a Mit AppInventor extension that can be used to obtain the uft-8 code of a character and to obtain a character corresponding to an uft-8 code?
For example, I want to create a function that :
1- gives the uft-8 code of the character "b",
2- performs an operation such as "+1" on the hexadecimal value, then
3- converts the result into a new character.

How do I do this?

No but you can use this table https://www.utf8-chartable.de/

You write Block code to do what you want based on the table mentioned. Convert the table to a dictionary and use that to develop the required code. :wink:

for b U+0062 b 62 LATIN SMALL LETTER B

I have that file in