Using USB Camera

Is there a way to use external USB cameras? I have a USB microscope, a very cheap, where I need an application to record videos and put some overlay (text) on that recording. Is there a way to do this with Appinventor? I managed to do it on Android Studio partially, but I need to add more features (bluetooth connection, txt file recording, plot a chart) and I am suffering a lot there, for not knowing much about Java.
Please, any tip will already be of great help!


and you shall find all that the community knows about external cameras

This had already been done before posting. The idea was to get someone who had made some progress in the area but, for some reason, hadn't made it public yet. Do you have any ideas to help with this?

widen your horizons ... perhaps do a Google search for something like app inventor usb camera ? Realize most people on this forum never think about searching.

Look at the arduino 'solutions' that use ip cameras; you apparently read all the posts all in less than 14 minutes; dig deeper the posts might have suggestions. Did you miss something that would provide a clue? Or wait until someone who has done something using an USB device decides to read your post. I would look for an ip microscope camera, probably inexpensive and use one of the arduino suggestions.

You have an Java solution..great, share it here and someone might be able to use that information to provide advice.

you apparently read all the posts all in less than 14 minutes

Only apparently. I had already read most of the posts in this search before registering

dig deeper the posts might have suggestions

Always. Thanks!

Here is a post from the orginal AI Google Forum that is a possibility depending on what your USB microscope is/does etc. This USB microscope evidently supports Android and OTG