Using sound analysis extension with music player to send data to arduino

I'm trying to play a music file and send the sound data to an arduino to control rgb lights. I know lots of people use sound sensors to react to music but I am trying to accomplish it a different way.

My project goal:

Develop app using ble, music player, and sound analysis extensions.

Have 3 music files that can be played from the app on a phone, have the sound analysis extension create data I can send to the arduino in real time and I can handle the code using fastled to create a light show. I plan to use an arduino with a lipo battery and a ws2812b light strip with about 30 leds to create this "light show".

My question before I begin: is it possible to create an app that will both play a song and utilize the sound analysis extension at the same time? And will the sound analysis extension available be able to separate sounds into usable data for what I'm trying to accomplish? All i need is a few different frequency ranges or whatever to send a digit or 2 to the arduino and I can handle the rest with code.

Okay so I have an app using BLE, sound analysis and music player. It connects to my esp32 just fine, plays the audio and seems to do sound analysis. At first it sends digits to my arduino that I can see on the serial monitor, but then it just starts sending zeros. I didn't know how to send the pitch data so I just winged it. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Try with this FFT.

that looks like a great extension and I'm going to try it. How would you recommend I go about capturing frequency or sound data and sending it to my arduino board? because my way isn't working. Would I try it the same way but with replacing the sound analyzer with the FFT extension you provided?

I don't know if the Bluetooth process will be able to send the data at the speed that the sound requires.

right now as I had it the app would send like 100 values in the first 2 seconds but then it just sends zeros.

I am trying to make an arduino powered christmas light show sweater for my wife but I do not have a sound sensor for my arduino and cannot order one in time. So I am trying to make music reactive led lights without a microphone for my arduino board. I was hoping by playing the song and analyzing it with an MIT app inventor app I could send sound data to the arduino board and then code the lights with the sound data coming from the app.

i think your FFT extension would work, but how would I send the music data to BluetoothBLE writestrings instead of to a visualizer in the app like what you did? i can't figure out how to just send the data instead of building a visualizer like you did in your example app.

In the Visualizer.Fft event are the values ​​in listFft.
As I said in the previous post, I don't think Bluetooth can send the data with the speed at which the sounds are sampled.

Other ideas.