Using sensors *****

I'd like some guidance re blocks for displaying sensor results on screen. Say thermometer1 for a start. I have programmed a button to enable thermometer1 but cannot see what blocks to use to display the results on my LabelResults.

Do you have thermometer sensor on your phone?
If no then it will not work. :slightly_smiling_face:

I think I do

What did you do?


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Not many phones have a temperature sensor. For example, my samsung S8 does not have such a sensor and the temperature is not displayed.

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Mine is a Samsung J2. But a commercial temperature app shows (or clams to shows) the internal temperature...

It can do this by taking data from the battery temperature sensor. Apparently ai2 means a different temperature sensor.

There are two temperature sensors. One shows the internal temperature of the phone, this sensor has each phone. The second sensor is the outside temperature sensor. Not every phone has this sensor.

I think if not many phones have an outdoor temperature sensor MIT could add a component to show the inside temperature. It is known that it is not the same temperature, but it is enough for testing and playing.

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