Using one screen to show multiple web pages depending on earlier screen buttons click!

Sorry folks, new to all this and have been driving myself insane trying to work it all out. Someone will know this in 5 seconds…

Screen 1 (PASIndex) has multiple buttons. Depending on which button is clicked determines which web page opens on the next screen (PASBells). My blocks, below, don’t seem to work. This example has two options but, once i have sorted the problem, i will have another 8 or so. As you can imagine, i don’t want 10 screens (would be easy) when i can use one.

Grateful for some help, much appreciated.

If lblTitle.text = Bells

If lblTitle.text = BookClasps

You don’t need multiple screens to do this, use arrangements and their visibility (you could then possibly do without the tinydb as well

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It works! You, sir, are a star and i owe you beers.

I get there’s probably a better way of doing it but need to immerse myself further.

Thanks again!

When you have learned to use lists and tables,
this becomes easier …

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