Using My Own Collision Blocks

Hey, I'm working on an app for my app inventor class and we are tasked with creating a matching app for the human body. The above code for some reason doesn't function as I'd expect it to. Ignoring whether or not the other sprites are enabled, I can fix that afterwards, for some reason the score doesn't work as anticipated. For some reason, a couple of the placements when the urinary system snaps to it deducts too many points despite being called only once. I also have another variation of these blocks which can be seen on my digestive system, and instead, they snap to the bottom placements instead of the one I hover over. I'm using the emulator to run my apps and the image of the digestive blocks in addition to the aia is below. I know I could use the collided with blocks, but I'm too deep now. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
matching_student_start (1).aia (45.8 KB)

This is a quick glance answer:

You are using the absolute() blocks in the wrong places.
Instead of testing

   if (... - ...) < abs(10)

you should be testing

   if abs(... - ...) < 10

Also, if you are doing drags, search this board for 'Sprite Cannibalism'.

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That solved my entire issue. Thank you so much, as simple as it sounds that was really it

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