Using MIT App Inventor to control other third parts Android apps

Dear All,

I am a starter in MIT App Inventer and Android developement then I kindly ask you to help me to make a small app that I need to my work and I thank you in advance for your fast and detailed (step-to-step) answers.

My need at moment is:
a) To make an App like menu where I call other apps (third parts) installed in my mobile. For example, when I click a button my app run Google Maps. In other button it open my bank app, etc. My question is: How can I run other installed app from my app via "Inventor" command?

I thank you a lot for your support.


Wanderley Egídio
from Brazil

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Welcome Wanderley.

You can communicate with some apps that are already installed in your device by Using the Activity Starter.

Also, if the app can be opened by using an intent, the Activity Starter can 'start' it.

You can code an app similar to Google Maps using the MIT Map component.

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You might want to try the packagemanager extension



As I already pointed out here, this permission is probably not allowed by Google, but has to be removed from the Manifest again.

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Thank you @Anke for pointing this out...
However I think, an app like this

should be one of acceptable use... just fill out the permission declaration form in case you like to publish it in Google Play...

EDIT: see also Q1 here App Inventor Extensions: Package Manager | Pura Vida Apps


Hello. I would like to ask can we detect when a button is pressed in a third-party application using the mentioned package? For example, I want to obtain the current time information when the button is pressed. Thanks

No you can't