Using IPADS as an AI device in the classroom

I am currently teaching PLTW App Inventor online to my students. We are using MIT app inventor on chromebooks which works great but students cannot use the AI companion on it. As I know up to now MIT is currently running a beta test for chrome and ios for the AI/Emulator but there has been an on going debate between admin and the tech department about which device to get and at what cost. It is getting hard to teach the class since Most of my student do not have a second device let alone pc or android device. Today I was asked by PLTW admin if IPADS would work as an AI device. My Question is will IPADS work as an AI device or emulator or for that matter could they use a usb to be able to check the work(apps) they have created on there chrome books???? As far as I know the beta test is still in progress and only so many people got in..... Please help any solution would be great

Hi, why are your chromebooks not able to run the companion app. Are they to old? I use the companion on my chromebook and it works great. With the current version of AI you can even start the companion app automatically from the connect menu.

Can the device that AI companion is using be an IPAD when using Chromebooks? AND/OR how do you get the emulator/companion to display on chromebooks? Thanks!

Hi Kristy,

Most modern chromebooks have the option to install android apps. I had to start my chromebook in a different way to make that happen but I think that is no longer necessary. I don't have a recent chromebook so am not sure about that. You can indeed install the companion on an Ipad and do the programming on a chromebook.

All newer Chromebooks can install Android apps. However, this feature can be disabled using a Google Apps for Education policy. If that's the case, your GAE admin can still install the MIT App Inventor companion app via the Admin panel. Once the app is installed, use the Connect > Chromebook menu item (this only appears on Chromebooks) to launch a connection with the installed companion app.

Currently, only curriculum materials that use ChatBot and ImageBot work on iOS. Any tutorials that make use of extensions will not work. We are working to have all of the AI materials available on iOS by September of this year for the coming school year.