Using "For each item..."

By switching from one screen to another ("Validation" button) I want to put back to "OFF" the 9 items of a list ("etat_fonction_list"). It doesn't work. For example, F1 was at "ON" before switching screens and is still at "ON" after returning to the start screen. I must be misusing this function but I don't see how.

Element is the value of the items in the list , one by one while the for each works.
You want to change the value of the items in the list and not the value of the variable element during the cicle.
The value in the list is off or on ?
You have two ways.

  1. replace list item using as index the block "index in list of element"
    2)set list as empty and add all OFF values, as many as you need

Sorry for my late reply but I was on another topic. Thank you for your answer, I was indeed confusing the position of the number to be changed and its value. I did as follows and it works very well.