Using different cloudDB in same app

Is it possible to have in one app more than one cloud database? If so, how can I differentiate them? I have seen they have an ID and a token, are they useful for this?

And can I use the same cloud database in 2 different apps to share data between apps if databases have the same id and token?

There is no method in blocks to change the Project ID for your cloudDB.

There is no real reason for needing different databases, you can differentiate with the tags you use. You can always prepend tags e.g.

db1/name, db1/password
db2/name, db2/password

Perhaps explain in more detail what you are trying to achieve?

See here:

I have to use 2 tags that are related. I could store values saying nametag1_nametag2 or something like that or just saving the values with the first tag and storing the value as 'nametag1:value'. But these options make quite complex what I want to do, so I was just wondering if there is a way of having different cloudDB in an App and being able to connect to it from different projects.

TIMAI2 or anyone else knows if it's possible? Thank you

Please explain more clearly what you want to achieve. Sorry I do not understand....

I want to have a database about animals. So, tags are the name of the animal. But for each animal I want to have characteristics (size, weight...), so I need another tag (the characteristic) inside the first tag (the name of the animal).
I know there are ways to do it with just one cloudDB, but as I see it is easier to use different databases, so is it possible to have different cloudDB in the same app?

Why would it be easier ? Three different ways you "could" do it:

really not sure i understand why having more than one database (if it were possible) would help?