Using Device's google Account in the app created

I am, trying to create an app based on the webview which opens a particular webpages. Now these web pages need a login to to be accessed. How can i create an app that uses the account that is logged in on the device to the app directly.

you mean, you want to make Register / Login Screen

The webpage already has a login screen. But insted of user entering the details on to it the login details has to be picked from the account that is logged in to the device.

That is possible but you will only get Gmail.

Yes i need onlt the Gmail Accounts. The site also uses only gmail accounts

but what about password?

See Certain apps like chrome,youtube, Zomato etc take in the device logins similarly i want to design the app where it takes in the logins directly.

You can try:
com.sunny.GoogleAccountPicker.aix (6.3 KB)

txt (Java) file:
GoogleAccountPicker.txt (2.3 KB)


Taifun's Pick Google Account extension:


I doubt that it will work on android versions higher than 5.0 :thinking:

Btw, java file attached in previous post.

Works on Android 11 for me

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Strange...while testing something similar code we got few exceptions.

Works on android11. It only doesn't work on Huawei. But we know, there is no google account there.

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Will try both the extention and the java files.will keep you people updated