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I use db with mysql successfully but I find it difficult to reconstruct the flow of my program. I try to explain myself … I make multiple calls within my application and therefore I find myself managing a block when got file that receives multiple files … to be treated in different ways. the only way I have found is to use a variable before the call and then inside the block when got file create a large if else if else if containing the multiple values ​​of the variable. but it is difficult then to reconstruct the whole flow. I also tried to exit the else if with routines … but it seems to me that the arrangement of the blocks is even more difficult to understand …


To make things easier to manage, you could place each of your if/else sets in a procedure (with inputs)

Have you tried using multiple Web components, named after their purposes, to get the benefit of having equivalently named .GotText events for the different post processing needed for the different purposes?


I tired to use more components web.

But in my mind i think is Better to use just one component web.

I’m not sure to understand the logic used by TIMAI2. I will try myself.

Thank you all.

What I was looking for was a different logic.
Once I got the result, I tested all the possible values ​​of my variable and then performed the different functions. Changing the logic I launch all the routines every time and I carry out the control within the single routine. Perhaps execution may be slower or less efficient. but surely I can be more orderly.
It was what I was looking for. Thanks for the reply.
A new way of looking at things. New horizons.

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