Using Bar Code Scan to collect images and show them on the screen (Pokemon Go Image Catcher)

Hello there,
I´m trying to carry on an egg hunt activity with my students. Instead of eggs, I would like them to use their tablets and search for QR codes scatted over the playground. When a QR code is scanned, the image of a particular character/animal will show up on the screen. Every QR code will be link to a particular character so they have to find all codes and make the activity more challenging. At the end of the activity they will have a full collection of images.
How can I implement this in App Inventor?
I would appreciate any useful comment.

  1. Be aware that Pokemon do not grant usage of any of their character images under copyright.
  2. You can create the QR codes using the Google Infographics tool (it still works, even though it says it is deprecated)
  3. Decide whether you want to store all the images in the app, or somewhere online. If in app, then put the file path in the qrcode, if online, put the url.
  4. Use tinydb to maintain the qrcodes / images found.

The Media folder is a good place to include a Comma Separated Values (CSV) table of codes and matching image file names, to be loaded at Screen1.Initialize time via a File component.

If you find yourself hard coding individual codes or image file names in blocks, you are doing it wrong.

You will need maybe three lists for this app:

  • All possible scan codes, from column 1 of your code/picture table
  • codes that have been scanned
  • codes yet to be scanned (derivable from the first two lists)

The Is In List block is good to know, along with the Lookup In Pairs block.