Using arabic with app interface

Hello everyone,

I have been searching the community for for this feature " Using arabic with app interface " , am sure now it is not part of app inventor. pls if there is a certain development going on regarding that , I need to get progress update to follow. am now thinking of having a bg image with arabic description for the buttons and labels , but this will be overwhelming to repeat especially if the app with lots of screens

Hello Eng. Amr Haggag

Do you mean you wish to use Arabic for your App Interface? You can do that. You may need to add a font to your project. App Inventor does not currently support right-to-left languages, but you can set the text alignment of Labels and Text Boxes to right justify. You can also try inserting a right-to-left marker (a non-printing, hidden character). I have never tried it myself

#x200f  (U+200F)
or &rlm within HTML text

Thank you. Chris for the reply , I did not information, will try it to see how it works

We have nearly-complete right-to-left language support that has been stalled on some graphical glitches. We also need a complete (or nearly-complete) translation of a right-to-left language for people to use when the feature is ready to launch.