Using AppInventor to control a Hummingbird with Microbit

Since Hummingbird robotics now attaches to the Microbit, can it be used with App Inventor? Has anyone successfully done this?


Hi @SJ_Watts welcome to our community!

I think if you want to work with microbit you can use this extension :

If you don't know how to add extensions to your project in MIT AI2, take a look at this :


Hi, I did not know about the existence of Hummingbird robotics, but I tried several robots from DFRobot, with micro:bits, with mixed success.
First of all, DO NOT use the micro:bit extension as given in the link of Salman_Dev. I think it is still not OK.
If you want to use UART to send data to your micro:bit then you need this one:
It is old. There were several attempts to solve the UART problems, but it was never completely successful.
And you need the newest BLE extension, for which the location forever escapes me, but if you look at the site, you will find it. If you know the UUID's you need, you will not really need the micro:bit extension, but it makes your life easier.


I am using Humming Bird Bit with microbit as well. But i am not sure how it will get integrated to App inventor


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