Using App Inventor on mobile

Hello everyone.
I know App Inventor can be used from any browser, or almost, but how can I test Apps made from it?
I mean, how can I do if I'm using it from the browser, I'd have to manually download and install apk.
In my mind, I'm looking for an UX similar to sketchware

Thanks for any help.

You can test here

Which item should I use?
Note I'm asking how to test on mobile, so I'd need to create with Android browser and test on the same device

See here:

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No, you didn't understand me yet.
I'd like to use App Inventor from my phone and test it from my phone, so download apk, install and try.
Is it there an easier way?

If developing on your device browser, I do not believe it is possible to run an emulator or the companion on the same device. You will have to download the apk and install.

Someone else may know different....

Ok then, thanks for your help.
I guessed this, but, you know, better safe than sorry =)