Using an inputted file (Excel help)

Hi, I'm making an app that takes an inputted Excel spreadsheet and uses it as data to list out several pieces of data depending on the selection of the user in a list picker. I'm having some trouble lining up the data.
I was wondering if anyone could help.

Here is a similar question together with some answers


  1. Export your Excel spreadsheet as a csv
  2. Import this into your app either as an asset (Media folder) or by downloading it to the app from an online resource.
  3. Read the csv using the File component, and set the text to an AI2 list
  4. Work with the list

If you want to save new/updated data back to your csv file, then you will need to copy it (to your ASD) from the assets, which are read only.

Alternatively, you could load your Excel spreadsheet into Google Sheets, and either work with the native Spreadsheet component or use the web component to read in data from your google sheet.

Search the FAQ category for further help with this, or here - click Google Sheets...

Hi I saw that you are very active in this community and your responses have helped me before. With that being said I'm having some trouble with Excel and the app Im trying to create. Its an app that takes the spreadsheet with my inputted data about may favorite songs from 2000-2023. Then I want the user to select the year based on a list picker and then the app will show data based on the year selected. I would appreciate any help or advice you could give me!

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If you upload your Excel file to Google Sheets, the sheet can be filtered by a year column using the AI2 spreadsheet component, or can be downloaded as a CSV file and filtered using list blocks.