Using activity starter calling this cellphone functions like image

i am trying to call functions like wifi starting or bluetooth using activity starter but i dont know how start using a button to on/off the function. its possible to calling?

For bluetooth


can i call this function to on/off or call his properties inside? like this image functions?

I'm not sure what you are asking, please elaborate.

i am trying to call the elements of the image like flashlight or wifi to activate or desactivate this like turn on/off or his properties inside this elements. its possible to use this extension for make this?. calling the elements of the image?.

Use the activity starter

but the functions of the elements can be called with the extension itto background?. or only using activity starter can be called?

no, only the activity starter can do it
you might want to elaborate, what exactly you are trying to do

i am trying to activate with a button the element screen recorder for record my screen and the internal audio. this is my objective. control the on/off screen recorder and control the inside functions

for flashlight see here App Inventor Extensions: Flashlight | Pura Vida Apps
for wifi see here App Inventor Extensions: WiFi | Pura Vida Apps


there also is an extension for that
search the extensions directory App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps


but the screen recorder extension cant record the internal audio. only the external audio mic

what exactly is the internal audio?
Can you elaborate on that?


the audio that sound inside phone not the mic of the phone. like qhen you play a video or music. not the external audio like when you speak to the mic of phone to record the voice.

well, it is not that simple... see for example

3 years ago I experimented with the Audio Playback Capture API, but unfortunately it stopped working on Android 13... that extension was able to capture the audio of other applications

it looks like there currently is no solution for your requirements...