User Input advice on saving, sharing info

I am busy getting my app user friendly, and have a few points I would like advice on:

  1. I have a Screen that compile a Participant List, and a Screen that compile Lap times. Each screen save to its own .csv file for sharing. Is it better to have each screen to have its own sharing button, or a"home" screen with one share button?(Keep in mind I can only share one file at a time)

  2. File System - At the moment the csv files is being saved directly under Internal storage. Is it wise to do so, and if not how and where do you create a dedicated folder?

  3. APP Settings: The App reads from a Google sheet, so I need to have a textbox for a custom sheets URL. That need to be saved into a file, and read every time the app start, and be able to be changed in a Settings Screen. Where do I save that txt file? If I have a dedicated folder being created, as in point 2 above, it would be easy, I can have a txt file for each setting. But to have it directly under Internal storage, It might get deleted and is not very organised.


it doesn't matter much... but as you only have 2 screens, let me suggest to use 2 sharing buttons

you have only 2 csv files, so it could be saved directly under internal storage... but probably better and cleaner would be to store them in a directory
How to create a directory

another reason to use your own directory...


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Thanks, Appreciate