User feedback on Menu Component in App Inventor

Hello Community!

I am Sara Singhal. I am a GSoC participant and will be spending my summer working on Menu Component And Sidebar.
Menus are a common user interface and provide a familiar and consistent user experience. I will be implementing all three types of menus, i.e, Options menu, Context menu, and Popup menu.

I am attaching a design doc below. Please take some time to review it and drop your suggestions. It will help build the component better and in a more user-friendly way. :smiley:

Link to the doc

Please feel free to drop a comment here or in Google doc in case of any queries and suggestions.

Thanks in advance everyone for your valuable suggestions.



I wish you all the best with your project. In your post above you are talking about a Sidebar. But i don’t see that in your doc. Are you still planning on developing that?

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Thanks for your best wishes! Ya, Sidebar is a part of my GSoC proposal. Once I am done with menus, I will move on to developing Sidebar.


Hello Everyone!
Here's the monthly update on Menu Component. Currently, options menu and context menu are implemented.
Here's a small video showing the current work.

There will be some design changes in the context menu. If you have any suggestions, kindly feel free to drop a comment here. Thank you!

Great work @sara_singhal :+1:


Hello Everyone!
I am here to give a monthly update on my GSoC project.
This month I have worked on the Sidebar component. A lot of work is done and the component is functional now. Just some small fixes need to be done.
Here's a small demo video:


You can implement click logic for sidebaritems in the blockly.
If you have any suggestions, kindly feel free to drop a comment here. Thank you! :smiley: