User created buttons AFTER BUILDING APK

in my app i have a full screen background image.

as the user adds items to a list, i want to place a number from the list on the screen

the USER needs to be able to CHOOSE THE LOCATION ON SCREEN

i coded in these particular buttons but every location will be a different floorplan and a different array of devices

I dont think a grid of hidden buttons will do the trick effectively

to recap, the user will upload the picture and the user will input the numbers and decide where to place the numbers AFTER THE BUILD

Use dynamic components and a component positioning extension


use a canvas for your background image and draw texts (based upon the list selection) as the user touches the screen...

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to create my objects after build:
dynamic components

to move my objects:
CreateBuild. Move Layout. Move Layout. Move component. Rotate Layout. App Inventor.

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