Useful Sites for UI Designing

Hi Guys

Today I am going to show a few of my Best UI Designing Sites Collection
And This is my first guide :grin:

Let's Start! :+1:

  1. Lottie Flow :ocean:

This is LottieFlow it is a simple images collection site, it has a few categories to select.
Images from this site are mostly like gifs(means they're animated & moving) and have very less collection and customizations.


Link 2:

  1. Lottie Files :open_file_folder:

This is Lottie Files, BTW LottieFlow & LottieFiles aren't same
This has many many developers for creating all these icons!
You can use as Lottie, GIF, MP4 or JSON...
You can even search for a few...


  1. Lord Icon :pray:

Lord Icon's site has a wide collection of images & animations ~ 2000+
Here you can customize the icons very well! And :point_down:


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Please list @TIMAI2

Thanks @SRIKAR_B.S.S for this list. I can see most of them are Lottie animation platforms. I would suggest you add Creattie as it is the only structured Lottie platform with high-quality animations.

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