Use web api Image Similarity

Hi everyone, for school project i must find difference between two image, i found this web api: DeepAI: The front page of A.I. | DeepAI

The test with python code working well, how can i use the API inside app inventor?

My not working code:

Where is your Web1.url block ?

Also your "built" url needs revision (setting parameters for the images), and you have the order of execution for your camera pictures wrong.

Something like this for the headers and url ?

You may wish to share your aia project if you are really stuck

Thank's. I have tried but web.Got.Text gived:
responseCode = 400
responseTyep = application/json
responseContent = {"err":"error processing given inputs from request"}

In python example the dictionary content a binary file object not only path of image file.

Yes....not sure it is possible to send two images with one web request.

Perhaps try the javascript example, by creating a viable html file?