Use of csv files

Hi everyone,
I’m a newbie in App Inventor and I have some questions about the use of the .csv files, what I can and can not do.
I’m trying to build a stretching programs app and therefore I wanted to know :
1 if it is possible to not set a .csv file in the sd card. I tried to call the file that I already have uploaded without the “//” but it didn’t work. Maybe did I it in the wrong way.
2 if and how is it possible to create a list of images stored in a .csv file.

Thank you a lot for reading me !!
I hope I didn’t destroy your eyes with my writing skills

I'm not sure that I understand what you mean, please provide additional information

when you call a file that you uploaded in the media section, if you call it " read from:
filename: “//dhbvubv.csv”", the file will be in the sd card when you build the app.
My question was to know if the file can be in the private app folder?

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The file will be in Assets and not visible to the user.

Note: If you are testing using the Companion the Asset files are moved to the device's internal storage. However when the app is compiled(.apk) the Assets will not be exposed to the users