Use MIT App Inventor To Create Alexa Skills for Astronauts!

A fantastic new collaboration between Amazon, National Science Teaching Association (NSTA), Mobile CSP and MIT App Inventor. Alexa for Astronauts lets students become virtual crew members as Alexa heads to the Moon on NASA's Artemis I. Learn how to build Alexa skills in a whole new way. Sign up for the virtual space tour and for the new Alexa in Space curriculum.


I would love to beta test.

(My college Physics professors thought I should become an astronaut. They said I was taking up space.)


Ha ha! A good one, "taking up space" :slight_smile:
If you are a currently science teacher working with NSTA or a computer science teacher who is currently in the Mobile CSP program I can get you in touch with these organizations for Beta testing. Everyone else will have access to the first round of the materials later in Spring where you can offer feedback.

I unfortunately satisfy none of the requirements.

Besides my curiosity, I recently noticed a help request on this board asking about Alexa for App inventor, and I had no answer for them.

Do you have a help board, or will people seeking help be sent here?


This PDF shows an experiment with using Alexa and App Inventor. It was demonstrated during the summit of 2019.