Use many text boxes to add text for 1 item in a list

Hello, I could use some help with my project. I'm trying to use 4 different text boxes to make the text for 1 item in a list, it will be for showing "exercise name", "repetitions", "sets" and "weight". I can't seem to do it without getting errors for the values

One of the error messages I got

List indices in App Inventor start from 1; the insert list item uses ListSize, whose value is 0, as the index argument. Change the initialization value of ListSize to 1.

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Let's start with your tag name.

TinyDb does not know how to automatically translate your tags.

Your TinyDB Exercise list default should be an empty list

By returning an empty text, you have poisoned the global exercise list variable, making all list blocks fail on it. Text is not a list.

Here is an example of a value procedure to get a list from TinyDB and to insure that it is going to return a list, even if it finds garbage or nothing in TinyDB:

AI2 Lists don't need to be stretched like an accordion. They expand and contract as needed. Use the length of list block if you need their length(s).


Thanks for the replies, guys. The language thing was just because everything was in portuguese and I had to change to english before the screen capture. I was able to finally fix this problem and will be able to finish my program, sorry for the headache!

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