Use localhost for testing

How do I run a PHP script on localhost rather than putting a URL into a Web block ?

localhost/procedure.php not

You will need the IP address of your localhost machine, some thing like:

and use this in the url with your web component:

If you want to run the http server on your device, then use termux

You need Xampp to run php locally.

Invalid path error message

Is the IP of your machine running the http server?
Do you need to provide that path, or would just calling the php file be enough?
Have you tested on the same machine as the server in a browser (Ip address or localhost should work) ?

You may need to put http:// in front of the Ip address (webviewer expects this...)

I'm getting a better response using http://localhost/molloy/molloyph.php

should also work (if that ip address is correct for the local machine)

Yes but now it's showing another error saying unable to complete request with given data. It works fine sending it to the URL

It returns the contenido blob data as an error

Do not know how you are getting any response with that url. http://localhost... in your app looks to html files in your assets (where you cannot have sub-folders)

Did you run the tests I suggested above ?

I'm using Abyss web server not XAMP


This is the path. ??


Try calling http://localhost/index.html in your app webviewer. What happens?

Then try calling in your app webviewer. What happens ?

(Again I assume, given that you have not confirmed, that is the ip address of the machine with the server)

http://localhost/index.html returns unable to complete request with given data (blob data) returns 'Please wait' and noting is the ip

http://localhost/index.html in the webviewer gives '404 not found' in the webviewer returns a blank screen

Is it correct ?

This should work in the webviewer. It works in my browser !


so does it work in your app's webviewer ?