Use apps script & app inventor. To manage Spreadsheet for many process

Hi dear community,

I was thinking in doing many processus in an spreadsheet with app inventor for exemple, copie some rows ans paste in différents spread sheet. Make some updates and also introducing new Times pressing thé same bottom. And doing vlookup like in excel also when we send informations. Make additions and math opération pressing a bottom.

Is it possible to do all that ? Wich is the limite ?

By chance do you know this ?

The limit is your imagination

However spreadsheets do not offer relations between tables and it looks like this is what you need?
You might want to look into working with relational databases. ...for example MySQL...

See also App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: MySQL | Pura Vida Apps


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This extension help you to connect your application with google spreadsheet. Also it's provide you very fast data loading features ↓

WOW , I love this, the limit Is my imagination

Ok, that means that Is not possible to make a vlookup between sheets ?

Your advise to manage info Is do It with MySQL ,

Just about anything is possible, if you put your mind to it. You can work with relational data on google sheets, but it takes some setting up...

With a good working knowledge of google sheets, google apps script and App Inventor you can achieve most things, but sometimes it does make sense to use the right tools for the right job (php/MySQL or php/SQLite or Redis for online, and SQLite for on device)

Ok , I Will make a research and work on It

Thanks TIM