USB to serial adapter with more than one interface

I have a device that provides more than one serial interface via the USB bus. How can I address them separately? It does not work with the SerialOTG extension.
Is there another extension which I can use?

same situation, are there any solutions?

For the moment it’s to much work to add this function to the upgraded Physicaloid library.
Also I need some devices with dual interfaces to be able to test it.

Hi rkl099
More and more devices, in my case a transceiver ICOM IC-705, are equipped with USB, which send the data over several COM ports.
For simple tests, you can use a USB-HUB and two USB to TTL adapters. I tested this here and with the app "Serial USB Terminal" both adapters are seen.
If I can help you with the programming of the new functions, I would be very pleased to support you.

I think that using a hub with two devices is not the same as one device with two interfaces
(I’m not an expert on USB). I can’t test for the moment. Maybe you can list (lsusb in linux) what 2 adapters and a hub looks like, compared to your transceiver?

Here is the library which is used in many apps (also in "Serial USB Terminal").
The USB devices are displayed like this.

OK I see. Here you have 3 CH340 devices and one FT4232H device with 4 ports.
I will have a look if its possible with current PhysicaloidLibrary, but it will take some time.