Usage of look up in pairs

Hello everyone, I am here again to ask some questions since I am stuck. I am currently working on a project which in when you type your name, your mark will be displayed on the screen. The names and marks are stored in google sheets. Now, I am stuck on how to display the mark. I tried to use look up in pairs block but I don't know how to use it since I am started a few days ago.

This is my program so far,

I needed the textbox to display the mark. I will share the google sheet file as well

This is the file.

I hope you can solve my problem :hugs:

Your block looks good.

Try using

to check the length of your list from responseContent. If you got length of 1, then something is wrong with your dataset.

Try with Dictionary

bor_diccionario.aia (2.5 KB)

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Um, blocks do not look good....

Simply set the lookup in pairs block to the textbox2.text block. This will show your mark

To reduce typing errors for the names, why not try with getting the names from the list and place in a spinner or listpicker?

Thank you for three of you taking your time and answer me. I surely will try each of your solutions and upgrade my project. Thank you very much

I used all of your solutions in my app and TIMAI2's solution was best for my app. Thank you to others as well to reach out and help me. Thank you for TIMAI2 as well for the solution

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