Usage of App That I Build

Hi everyone. I built an app for my work. The app sends info by the path I design and share. It’s ok, no problem. I downloaded the app as “.apk” and delete from App Inventor projects. But I don’t have enough information about codes and programming. The app which is built with App Inventor includes any hidden codes (from App Inventor itself) in it? i.e. collecting any personal data, tracking movements etc.

I’m curious data about my work sent anywhere without my knowledge or permission.

Sorry for this basic question but I’m not a software developer or programmer. I just built an app in order to make easier my job.

Have a nice and healthy day.

Hi @biglebowski28,

We don’t include any tracking code in the applications people build. None of the data you collect in your app comes to MIT, with the exception of data you send via CloudDB (unless you run your own server). You retain all the rights to your app, in accordance with our terms of service.

@ewpatton Thank you very much. I won’t use CloudDB. My last question about the sentence in the terms of service:

“If you delete an app, there is the possibility that MIT may be able to continue to access it from the backups we keep for purposes of system maintenance, but these backups are periodically purged and are not designed for long-term preservation.”

When will my app be deleted from MIT servers after I delete it?

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