Usage of ActivityStarter component?



The APP is installed and executed on the mobile phone.
The phone can’t open the URL, and the error is displayed: Error 601: No corresponding activity was found.
Why is there an error?

I think you should use https:// not http://

unfortunately we can't completely see your activity starter settings from the designer screen ...
you also can set everything in the blocks...
see also Using the Activity Starter


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I.aia (1.5 KB)

The above is the .aia file.

The URL has been modified, but there are still errors?


This opens google maps for me

Still have errors

because your datauri needs to be

you do not need the class or package blocks and ensure you remove everything from the designer for the activityStarter

Okay I understand now, so I think the problem is :

  1. Your app can't work because your phone doesn't have Google Maps
  2. Your app also can't work to open google maps from browser because you added the Activity Package

and I think this is the way to fix it :

  1. if you want to open the google maps app you only need to download it
  2. if you want to open google maps instead of the app (from the browser) you just need to delete Activity Package

Salman Dev

The phone has multiple browsers.
The program specifies a browser to open the URL.
What program statement is used?

Smartphones use a separate Maps app (unlike on your computer where you access google maps through a browser), and will probably not call google maps through any of the browsers you have on your device.

As Salman Dev has said, ensure you have Maps installed on your device, then the activityStarter can call it.