UrsAI2SideBar Extension

With the UrsAI2SideBar extension, is there any way I can add more than 5 items on the sidebar? Because for the extension it only goes up to WhenItem5 selected

Let’s wait for power users to reply for more accurate comment
But as far as I know and checked, I don’t think there’s other way to do so.

Let's see...

Yes there is, but you will have to use the "AfterSelecting" event instead of the "ItemXSelected" events.


Would something like this work? I kind of don’t understand your representation but I can read it a little bit.

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Yes it will. Your blocks should work.

this blocks doesn't work. can help please


show your relevant blocks

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the last item "6" not appear in options

Hmmm, tested here works for me ( I know that doesn't help you, but it does work here as expected)