UrsAI2KeepAlive extension is not woking with SDK31

Unfortunately the UrsAI2KeepAlive extension is not working with SDK31 (it simply closing an APP after UrsAI2KeepAlive.start). I contacted the Developer but he is not able to help.
Maybe somebody knows an alternative solution or is able to correct this error in UrsAI2KeepAlive extension?

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@Ulrich_Bien might want to look at

and update the extension


Hi, thx for the hints!!!

I adapted the extension. You can download a new version from https://ullisroboterseite.de/android-AI2-KeepAlive-en.html


On your website, you call it version 1.4. Shouldn't that be 1.9?

thank you!! It works

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I know, but on his website it is called 1.4.

Yes, a simple oversight

Great! Thanks.

Sorry, an error in the English version of the documentation. Version is 1.9.0.


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