Urology App Creation

Hello! I am a Urologist at BIDMC looking to create a health education app in the field of Urology. Looking for anyone who is interested in creating an app as a project! Looking for both iOS and Android platforms.

Sorry Utsav, to protect personal information, please don't post your email address on this forum. People can always message you through the Message feature.

Good luck with your project! I may help occasionally if you like.

thank you!

Maybe you can explain what the app has to do?

Measure oxalic acid levels through the phone's earphone jack?


And, this can be read as refrence paper, for further knoledge around Urology App, like, patients to track fluid intake and urinary output reading, but as Peter said you as a Urologist can define your specification, since, Urology is concerned to surgery and medicine.

Here are some simple ideas you might consider @ubansal to present your educational materials.

You could use the techniques shown in Map Tour

  • create htmls addressing things that discuss issues that you create; store the html articles in Assets (Media) and link to them using WebViewer and possible a ListPicker or ListView