URL Submission to Google Sheets

Good day,

Is there a limit on the submission URL to google sheets? I am using the Web.get component to post data to Google Sheets.

Do you mean the length of the url (bytes), or the number of times you can submit a url in a given period of time?

The length of the URL. I am submitting about 40 columns of data but only 20 columns are being submitted.

Which method are you using, google forms or direct?
Do all the columns exist on the google sheet?
Are their any "cells" that exceed 50,000 characters (size limit for a google sheet cell) ?

I am using Google forms but I copy the and paste the column ID in MIT app code.

  1. Check that direct use of the google form to submit data works and fills all columns
  2. Check your url builder in the blocks for errors, especially @ the 20th entry - easy to miss a character with so many entries

You might have to change the shape of your table, perhaps a pivot, to get narrower rows.


ID,Name, City, State, BirthYear
007,ABG,New York,NY,1900

007,City,New York
007,BirthYear, 1900

This is rather fluffy, and will give you 40-fold more rows, but should eventually fit.