URL https:// for Audio Streaming

I'm developing a simple application with a play button where the source is an URL link with https://

The streaming server is centovacast.

The problem is that when I play button, the application doesn't start and in a few seconds need to close.

The URL is similar to this: https://hostname/proxy/radioname?mp=/stream because the server have installed secure certificate.

Has anyone gone through this same topic?

Please show your relevant blocks....

The player may need time to set the source, try like this:


Hi there!

Apparently it was the charging time that you suggest. In my emulator it works perfect, but when uploading to google play, visitors say it doesn't reproduce the sound needing to wait or force closing the app.

I'm going now to upload the update I made now to see what happens. I'll keep you informed


Hello, sorry for the basic question, but where do you get those dark green blocks "set Clock1.TmerInterval to"?

Thank you.

I got it. I needed to add a Clock component. Sorry about that.

When screen initialize put your source and play in the blocks.
Should be three blocks in total.