[Urgent Help Required] Password Creator/Generator

Hello, I need to create a password creator application for a project. Most password creators and generators typically generate a string of random characters (e.g. he7cv@3s). However, I find that the passwords generated through this method often aren't memorable.

I want to create a password generator that has a list containing adjectives, nouns, special characters and numbers. The application randomly selects a word/character from each category (nouns, adjectives, etc.) and arranges the selected words/characters from the list in a random order to form a password (e.g. 2angrydragons#). I also want the user to be able to save the generated password to view later. I want the saved passwords to be present on a different screen.

How should I go about making this application? I currently have very little experience using MIT App Inventor. Could you send me an image containing the blocks used to create the application?

Two generate the numerical part you could use pick random number and for the words you will have to make a list containing many words and then use pick random item block to select your randomised words.

How can I save the password to be visible on a different screen (i.e. Screen2).

Use tinyDB

How can I store a entry from a label to TinyDB?

Yes. Also, when you store stuff in tiny DB, it will be in your device as long as it isn't deleted.

Could you show me the blocks required to do this?

Use a file with nouns and another file with adjectives, the application will have to randomly choose each one of them.