[URGENT HELP NEEDED] Getting my AI2 app onto the Apple Store

Hi all, I have invented a great app for a great cause using AI2 and testing in the iOS beta program. It is important that it is available for iOS and Android. I can get it onto Android but having trouble on even where to start when it comes to iOS. Could someone please help me with this?

ios for App Inventor 2 is still in TestFlight with Apple. It is not ready for release.
When will it be ready? Sometime this year.

If you have access to the test server, you might create a version of your app for ios and submit it to the app store. It probably will be rejected (but it might not). Let us know what happens. App Inventor 2 for ios is NOT in prime time. You might be able to use Thunkable.

You asked a similar question here Mike. Please read the comments again.

Good morning @ewpatton! Hope your a having a great day so far. I am enjoying being part of the beta program that you were most gracious of allowing me to be a part of. Thank you again. Was wondering if you could do me just one more small favor and allow me to access the test server as Mr. @SteveJG has suggested above so that I can publish my AI2 app to the Apple Store. Know you are busy but I’d like you keep in mind that what may seem like an unimportant and easy to do thing for you may mean the world to another person. Hope to hear back from you soon!
Very kind regards,

Hello Mike

We have around 400,000 unique active users per month, can you tell us why your App is so urgent?


Hi @ChrisWard, thank you for your question. I have over 500,000 reasons why. So let me answer by first posing a question back to you -

But before I do, I’d ask you to move somewhere right now with little distraction and where you will be able to close your eyes and let your imagination take over for a moment, before continuing to read and further …

Now - imagine your in a city somewhere right here in the states, and it’s dusk, the sun is setting soon, your exhausted, you see people walking around heading home and generally in a good mood, the city isvalive, maybe you had worked all day, or maybe your just sleepy and would just do anything to lay down on a couch, … but suddenly there is a certain uncomfortable realization that races into your head, extreme anxiety begins to vibrate though your body, you begin to feel physically sick you are worried, you see a Starbucks to just sit down and charge your phone and try and regroup, you have such extreme anxiety it’s hard to even interact with the barista or every call an old friend,
you feel like everyone in shop is looking at you and knows about the realization, Starbuckss closes and now there are hardly any people out, the city has begun to go to bed, you begin to walk and things are quiet and for just a moment things okay while you stare up at the night sky, but then the realization races back with a vengeance. This realization is that you’re homeless and for maybe the first time in your life you feel like you’re trapped. What do you do?

There are over 500,000 Americans that will face a variation of this realization tonight. What a lot of people don’t realize is a lot of homeless people have/ can access Androids and iPhones. After recently like really thinking about this situation, it really moved me and so sorry to get a little crazy on here but I have to tell you - my app is kind of urgent.

Well, you have not told us how your App can actually make a difference to the homeless and Play Store already has a number of Apps on offer that do help.