Upon restart, the app does not keep the data saved with localStorage

Hi everyone, I have a simple app created with the WebViewer that publishes my website.
From my site I save stuff with localStorage, which should normally work with mobile apps as well. At first glance it works if I keep the app open and reduce it, but if I close it completely it resets all the data I have saved in the room ...
I was wondering, is there any way to disable this thing?
That is, if I save things in the local it should keep them even if I restart it.

Please post the AIA file of your project via Projects > Export selected project (AIA) to my computer.

Welcome Luca. You can Use TinyDB

The webviewer does not have the localStorage facility enabled.

and how can it be disabled?

And how do I use it on my code? i'm using the webviewer so there is no code on app inventor but create the app from a ready-made site made with vue.js