Uploading file on microsoft store

How do I upload my app to Microsoft Store?

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Microsoft Store???? Perhaps you mean this Uploading Your Apps to Google Play ?

and Publish App On Google Play Store

@SteveJG he says that he want to convert his app into software or computer app

Not possible :grin:

This not possible because microsoft store only takes .exe file it not takes .apk file

Why Are You Asking Here If You Have developed An App For Windows i.e MSI or EXE Go and ask in Stackoverflow

I don't want to publish it on play store I want to upload it on Microsoft store

The Amazon Store will be integrated into the new Windows 11. So if you want your apps to be downloaded directly to Windows 11, place your apps in the Amazon Store.

I also tell about microsoft store

Microsoft Store is probably going to accept Android Apps in the near future. They are also going to be able to run on Windows 11. Search for 'project latte'.

Today I installed Insider Program of Windows 11 it did not Have Android Apps As I Saw They Might Publish Windows 11 + Android Apps in Late 2021

I think you have to wait for the real thing, that's the Microsoft way.

That's very good if microsoft store allow .apk

May I know The Difference between Publish and Upload

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@Vibhor_Agrawal I tell you that publish and upload both are same and you can not upload .apk on microsoft store at right now. May be this would be possible in feuture

Not possible for now..... Wait for Microsoft to announce .apk support


Ok, we all know that this is not possible now. We have to wait until MS makes it possible. I close.

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