Uploading data to google sheet by barcode failed

I have created a barcode scanner app to put data on google sheet. and check if online then upload the data. if offline, save to TinyDB. But just checked, when online, the data is not put on google sheet.
Please help me.
Here is my code


By the way can you share us what kind of script code you used? Did you refer @TIMAI2 website regarding how to send app data to gsheet in multiple ways? Click here

QR_2.aia (31.9 KB)
Looking forward to your support

Not aia. The script code, you have deployed the ghseet with certain code na that one.

Oh oke

I implemented the following code, but still no data

Could possibly be the order of things in your blocks. You call check online and doscan at the same time.

Check on line, then when Web2.gotText call doScan

Thank's. I will try

In fact it might be better to do the scan first, then check for internet before storing online/local....