Upload video to google drive

sure. Really appreciate this tim. but just asking, can we finish it by tomorrow cus im at the deadline for a competition.

no problem if we can't, ill go with an alternative

You could always upload to firebase storage (or any other suitable online provider) and provide links from there.

any other things like firebase?

OK, this works when compiled. It takes a little while to create the base64 string, so might be worth using a notifier's progress dialog. The problem was with the Web1.uriEncode block (which is odd).

it works but the video is "unplayable" for some reason

another problem,in my main app when implementing this, it crashes as soon as the camera or camcorder opens

Please, apart from asking for help, also try to search the forum for similar topics.

Thanks Gordon

You may need to remove the line returns \n from the base64 string, before posting ?

Also see here Sound Pressure Level - Crash - DB

For issues with sound pressure extension

it did not work @TIMAI2, but thanks anyway

BTW, the runtime error which says "Attempt to invoke virtual method 'boolean java.lang.string.contains(java.lang.CharSequence)' on a null object reference" still persists

does this work for you?

I am looking at other solutions for you (upload video)

Could you use firebase storage ?

should I upload the working of the app?

I hopefully have another solution, using the Google Drive API (takes a bit of setting up). Need to do some testing and writing up of method though.

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Hey @TIMAI2, I wanted to come back to this app to finish it, have you found anything on how to fix the bug

Although, it should be the last option but still you should try considering using an extension.

I searched the ai2 community and the kodular community as well but I couldn't find any extension, any chance you happen to know any