Sound Pressure Level - Crash - DB


I found 2 errors in the extension "Sound Pressure Level".

  1. I created an app with 2 pages (Presentation + One page with the extension) and the extension is activated on the "Sound Record".
    If I am on the extension page and if I have the misfortune to go back to the start page then the application crashes.

  2. I noticed that the db are at least 50 even if there is no noise. This seemed strange to me.

Material used Xiaomi Redmi 10.

If you have the solution it would be great.

Thank you!

2 Read the "Notes" in the Description here. You may need to calibrate accordingly

1 Ensure you are switching screens correctly, or use virtual screens


I've just found it.
I have to set the extension to unable when I go back to the last screen.

Thank your

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