Upload to Google Drive

@TIMAI2 Oyes tengo problemas con la app de este post: https://ai2.metricrat.co.uk/guides/upload-any-file-to-google-drive-with-ai2
Pudieras asesorarme: Donde se encuentra el editor de script.

y como le asigno los permisos.


You need to set your folder ID here:

**DriveApp.getFolderById('<YOUR FOLDER ID HERE>').createFile(blob);**

@TIMAI2 Tengo de ejecutarlo ….
Me sale ese error.


You set the variable "data" then use "datos". Use the same name for both.

@TIMAI2 Si ya lo resolví, Gracias.

@TIMAI2 Oye desde otra app genero archivos pdf y no me aparece en la lista dicho archivo, como puedo modificar eso, ese archivo me aparece en /sdcard

@TIMAI2 O si posible como puedo modificar donde se almacene este PDF.obpdf

The extension does not offer a choice. You will have to move the file once it has been created where the extension puts it.

@TIMAI2 Se puede mover de carpeta con la app(para que lo haga automaticamente).

Hi, I have this problem and I don't know where I'm stuck, can you give me a hand? Thank you.

It seems your parameter data is not defined/constructed correctly (in your blocks)

Show your relevant blocks

Hello, thank you for your quick response.
I'm an amateur, I don't know exactly what he asks me to show him.

Are you using the TIMAI2 tutorial?

Muestra tus bloques, sube una captura de pantalla de tus bloques.

Hello, not even similar to what I have, leave me a few days to update with the example that you have sent me and I will tell you. Thank you.

With this help it goes perfectly, I put a photo in the asset folder, I put the name of the photo in the filename variable and it uploads without problems.

I don't show you my previous blocks so as not to waste time.
Thank you very much.

Could you give me an example of how to take a photo from the application to be able to name this photo and upload the drive.


With File component you can MoveFile, CopyFile...

Hello, I send you blocks, it gives me the same error every time.

Look at your file path in the error message.....