Upload my apks to playstore

Hi, i’m really new making apps, now i have a serius problem, i dont know, how i can convert apk to abb, playe store has a new politic about that. somebody can helpme please? there are videos about that? thank you for your help. my apologies for my english.

AAB is just a suggestion, you can publish your APK normally

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so if i am registered to google play console i can also publish an app done with appinventor?
i have only to upload it?

Download the apk file, test it on your phone to check it works properly, then once you’re happy with it you can upload it to the Play Store.

There is nothing to set??
I remember in Android studio we have to set minimum sdk target sdk etc

Will work also on newest Android 11?

In AI2 the standard minSdkVersion = 7, but it depends on the use of certain components and / or extensions whether this minSdkVersion is overwritten in the Manifest (e.g. Firebase needs at least API 16).

(Btw, AI2 is still targeting API 29)

Note: I would always suggest to publish an internal test track first and wait to see what issues / warnings / errors the Pre-Launch Report shows.

please guide to convert to .AAB