Upload Image to php server with mysql

Hi everyone, I have been trying to upload an image to my php server, however I have not succeeded.

In previous months I have used the PostFile tool that was included in the "WEB" elements tools, however this time I have not been successful.
Hoping they can help me solve my problem and attaching an image of a tutorial that I have done I say goodbye.

Attached the tutorial link that I followed


Have a great day.

@Taifun, since you are the maker of the tutorials, any suggestions for what to do?

Wow, I had made a mistake in the category, thanks for the observation

you are using a local ip address... is a web server running there? do you get any error message? did you read the Q&A section there https://puravidaapps.com/postfile.php#q
did you try the example together with a web server in the internet?


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Sorry for being late, may I ask? How can I change the directory of the post file folder? Instead of uploading it into the root folder, I want to upload it into another folder.

Something like this: