Upload Folder containing images from Internal Storage of Android Phone to Web Server

Dear Friends, I have created an offline App and in that i have to upload an image of each applicant while filling their details in an offline mode, photos and csv data is stored in their respective folders, Csv data is able to upload to server but not photos folder. I dont want to use imagepicker as there would be more photos and i dont want miss any photo while picking and it takes lots of time too. Can you please help me out and suggest me how to upload a folder containing images from Internal Storage of Android Phone and would like to save in hostinger hosting server.
Thanks in advance.
Rama Krishna Thota

you may need a FilePicker extension, or SAF extension, just search them in commuminity. And post any question here if any.

What are you using to upload? FTP? Where exactly are the folders stored on the device? ASD?

Sure..Thank You

.... keep a list of files stored in each folder in TinyDb. The Tag Name could be the folder name. You can then use a secure ftp extension to upload them programatically:

Ok..Thank You